Decher 450, Puerto Varas, Chile


Phone: +56 65 2 231045
Fax: +56 9 9979 8009


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Address Info & Directions

Decher 450, Puerto Varas, Chile

Phone: +56 65 2 231014

Mobile: +56 9 9979 8009

How to get Here?

Bus stations will be located downtown Puerto Varas, from there take San Francisco Street and follow it up until it becomes EstaciĆ³n street. Follow this street all the way to the end and turn right, the hostel will be located on your left about 2 blocks down.

Shortcut, once you arrive at the corner of San Francisco turning into EstaciĆ³n, follow the steps up on the right instead. This path will lead directly to the train station and by simply crossing the tracks you will arrive at the hostel.

Ask in town, people are very friendly and the city is small and accessible.